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Dirtbag Baseball Nation

The Rope Trainer™ - Dirtbag Baseball Nation - Youth

The Rope Trainer™ - Dirtbag Baseball Nation - Youth

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The Rope Trainer™ is a regulation size & weighted baseball that reinforces the proper use of hand and finger muscles, grip, balance, arm extension and follow-through.  The complete throwing trainer all in one and is made in the USA from durable long lasting materials!

The ROPE Trainer youth model is recommended for players 12 and under.  You will gain immediate tactile, auditory and physical feedback that will allow you to adjust your techniques as you train.

The Patented 3-hole interchangeable design allows players to practice various grips using our unique Quick Change technology.

The Baseball Rope Trainer™ includes:
(1) Regulation size baseball with 3 tether insert holes and (1) specialized tether attachment, guidelines for use, and multi-functional drawstring bag.

**Additional Tethers can be purchased as required**

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