The College Playbook - Your Personal ROAD MAP to Playing College Baseball

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The College Playbook is a no-nonsense step by step guide through the college recruiting process. Coach McNabb has a unique perspective on the recruiting process through years of experience as a player, college-level coach, adviser, and parent.

This informative and interactive playbook is the perfect companion to any young athlete's journey to a college education. Once you have the playbook in your hands you will have all of the information, worksheets, tools and tips necessary to navigate the recruiting process. 

Simply, Download your e-book and be ready to take on the complicated recruiting process without all the undue stress and confusion.  No need to buy additional recruiting tools, this is the only one you need. 

The College Playbook
Benefits of The College Playbook
Camp Visit
CampFollow Up 
Quick Tips and Advice
Step 1: Research a) Individual College or University b) Athletic
c) Academic
d) International Students
Step 2: Making Contact 
Step 3: The Follow-Up Call 
Step 4: The School Visit
Step 5: Post Visit Process
Step 6: The Final Selection Process
About the Author 
Bonus Information!
The Parent/Athlete Contract
Athlete's Profile Sheet
Athlete's Goal Setting Sheet
Student Athlete’s Achievement Progress Sheet