Professional Services

We are proud and 100% confident in being able to offer the following Professional Services to players, parents, coaches, teams, associations and small businesses around the world.

1. Small Business - we help companies with 2 or fewer products or training aids grow your brand through the following avenues:

a) Podcast - we offer sponsorship or commercial opportunities to promote and advertise your name, products or training aid(s) on our Dirtbag Baseball Talk podcast.  We are heard by 2+ million listeners every month on the Sports Byline USA Broadcast Network world wide. We air a new episode every Wednesday at 11 pm PST and replay it every Saturday at 9 am PST & Sunday at 6 am PST.  Sports Byline has over 200 affiliates around the United States and overseas. Sports Byline’s distribution network includes The Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, the Armed Forces Network, CRN Digital Radio, Sirius Radio Channel 217 or XM203, the Armed Forces Network.  We are also available on your favourite listening platforms.

b) YouTube - we can do a video or series of videos with you to share your story, promote your product or Training Aid on our YouTube channel at Dirtbag Baseball Nation.

2. Player Mental, Physical & Emotional Development Program - in-person or online private 1:1 individualized program for Pitchers, Catchers or Hitters

3. Teams & Associations - we train and develop coaches, players and parents through our proven protocols that will educate and empower everyone mentally, physically and emotionally in order to have long term sustainable success.

4. Guest Speaking Engagements - contact us below for all details.

Please E-mail:, Text/Call 226-821-2402 or DM us on Instagram or Facebook @dirtbagbaseballnation to find out more or to get started now!

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