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Our MISSION is to be your Trusted Network of baseball minds by educating you on how to build the right ROAD MAP to be in control of your's or your child's baseball.  

We know that baseball can be confusing, stressful and overwhelming, but now it doesn’t have to be. We will help you develop an impenetrable mindset in order to navigate each step of your journey through our training, Baseball Evolution Podcast, Dirtbag Baseball Talk YouTube videos, training aids and apparel line.

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Trusted Partners & Products

Every partnership we enter into is created and grown mutually and respectfully between both parties.  All of our partners have products or services that are data tested and proven to be game changers in their area of the baseball and softball industries at all levels from the MLB to the amateur market.  We simply can't and won't settle for anything less!

Please contact us at kirkmcnabb29@gmail.com or 226-821-2402 or book a Free 15 minute appointment now to discuss any and all questions you have regarding our training programs, products, services, being a guest on our podcast or PWDirtbags TV or if you want us to look at a product you have created.  


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D - You are 100% DEDICATED to being the best always!

I - You INVEST daily in becoming better in all areas of baseball, softball and life!

R - You RESPECT every teammate, coach, opponent, umpire and facet of the game!

T - You are TOTALLY committed to your team!

B - Being a Dirtbag is your Lifestyle, BRAND and Mindset!

A - Your ATTITUDE is infectious to everyone who plays with you, against you & watches you!

G - You expect GREATNESS from yourself and lead with that type of Mindset!