Our Mission

Lets be honest, having fun playing baseball comes down to RESULTS!   

If you truly want sustainable results, you must train Mentally, Physically & Emotionally with every baseball related activity you do. 

We know that your baseball journey can be super exciting, while also confusing, stressful and overwhelming, but now it doesn’t have to be.  Our years of experience playing, coaching and training have allowed us to learn and create our programs, that develop an impenetrable mindset in order for you to repeat your best results over and over.  

Don't believe us? Contact us at kirk@dirtbagbasballnation.com or by 226-821-2402 for a free consultation because our MISSION is to do exactly this for you as an individual, so that you will always understand & be in control of your own baseball & life journey.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain if:

D - You are 100% DEDICATED to being the best always!

I - You INVEST daily in becoming better in all areas of baseball and life!

R - You RESPECT every facet of the game!

T - You are TOTALLY committed!

B - You want to create & build your own BRAND of excellence!

A - Your ATTITUDE is infectious to everyone who plays with you, against you &              watches you!

G - You expect GREATNESS from yourself and lead others to also become the              best version of themselves!

We're Dirtbags and simply can't and won't settle for anything less!