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A real Baseball Dirtbag always leaves the field in a DIRTY uniform! Now you can wear the DIRTIEST baseball on the planet in any our Pearl ball, Dirty ball, USA ball or Canadian ball hats, t-shirts and more.

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The College Playbook (Downloadable E-Book)

The College Playbook E-book - Your Personal ROAD MAP to College BaseballThe College Playbook E-book - Your Personal ROAD MAP to College Baseball
  • LISTEN NOW - The Dirtbag Baseball Talk Podcast was created by Dirtbags for Dirtbags!  Kirk and Nolan cover a variety of baseball topics on what’s happening in the MLB as well as amateur baseball every Wednesday at 11 pm PST and replayed Saturday at 9 am PST and Sunday at 6 am PST on the Sports Byline USA Broadcast Network.
    Watch Now and Subscribe to Our Dirtbag Baseball Talk YouTube channel! Our videos are about educating and empowering players and parents on a variety of baseball related topics to help eliminate the confusion and actually assist you in developing your own ROAD MAP to a successful baseball journey.

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